The World According to Mike: April 2006

Sunday, April 30, 2006

May 1st Illegal Alien Boycott - I'm all broken up about it!!!

Tomorrow might just be a great time to get your shopping done. The illegal aliens aren't likely to be in your way. I was going to write something more in depth about this but I find this article to be good enough. Plus, I'm running a tad late. I have to go do my part to keep the illegals who have actually been caught committing crimes locked up so your tax dollar can keep paying to support them.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Handy New Blog...

Jon King (of Paco Villa fame) is copy/ pasting with reckless abandon to keep the correctional community informed!!! His new blog is your one stop shopping place for all things doRc!!!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why I Hate the Loony Left.

Everyone in out great nation has a right to dissent and not all democrats are bad people. Hell, there are a few I may even consider voting for (Zel Miller for example). But at what point does your dissent become just plain treason? Did any of these folks cross the line?

Original author(s) of the above photos unknown.

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At 12/03/2008 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the people in these pictures identified as democrats?

You are a shameful individual, in your own way every bit as bad as the morons *not leftists* in these images.

original context and subjects of the phots unknown as well

At 12/03/2008 6:06 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Am I as shameful as talking trash under an anonymous badge? I think not!

If you would have actually read the post you would have seen that I clearly stated that it wasn't aimed at the democratic party as a whole, just the far left loons. For the record, I hate the far right loons just as badly. I need not spend any time talking negatively about them, however. 99% of the media has me covered on that!


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Monday, April 17, 2006

Things that burn my ass #3

This one is short and sweet:

People who buy 8000 dollars worth of groceries and wait until the total is tallied up to start writing their check! Let's have some respect people! I need to get home and see what my TiVo recorded!!!

Stay tuned!!!

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At 4/19/2006 8:49 PM, Blogger Doug-E-Fresh said...

Yeah, these people need to step into the late 80's and get a debit card.


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Friday, April 07, 2006

Bars on My Window

Bars on my window
Cage me within
This world of filth
Violence and sin

Cage me within
a beast in a cage
As I peer though
it fills me with rage

A beast in a cage
Ive lost some of me
Im nothing like
who I used to be

Ive lost some of me
in this sea of hate
Oh, how I wish
I could exit the gate

In this sea of hate
the cold wind blows
I can stare only through
the bars on my window.

Copyright 2006 by Mike Lee

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At 4/07/2006 9:15 AM, Blogger Doug-E-Fresh said...

Mike, you're sounding like a convict doin' a 20-year hitch, what's up?

At 4/07/2006 9:22 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Interesting parallel, no?

I'm just a dumb guard half-way through a 20 year hitch with a bad case of the 7 year itch (hey, maybe I can use that line..lmao)


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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Some more great imagery!!!

Here is a site worthy of a view. It contains a flash animation with a good many great images of our troups set to the them from the movie Gladiator. Relax, enjoy it for a couple minutes, regardless of your take on the war:

Also on the imagery front:

I have posted some of my images on a site called the Morguefile. Morguefile is a place to get open license stock photos for any sort of project you might need them for. A lady by the name of Elizabeth Strauss found a use for one of my waterfall images on her blog. I figured the least I could do was link her up...

The post itself:

Your humble blogger is flattered!

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At 4/10/2006 9:54 PM, Blogger ME Strauss said...

Thank you, Mike, again for your beautiful image. It adds a lot to my writing. Your generosity with your photos is appreciated by this writer.


At 4/10/2006 11:16 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Glad you were able to use it. A brand spanking new EOS 350D followed me home from the camera store today so I'm sure my morguefile archive will be growing by leaps and bounds in the very near future. :-)


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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ok one more silly little game...

Picture if you will; it's almost closing time at your friendly neighborhood Wal-mart (or Super Wal-mart). You walk up to the checkout counter with 3 distinctive items that are totally going to freak the cashier out! What are they? You can use any quantity of each item but only 3 different items. Some examples:

An ink pen, a writing tablet, rope.

Sleeping pills, a tarp, an axe.

15 gallons of prune juice, hip waders, a pressure washer.

Shovel, chainsaw, jumbo box of hefty bags.

I'll only impose one other rule: Stay off anything that will lead down a road to pedophilia or child abuse. Just not cool and none of us need a knock on the door by the FBI. Let's see what ya'll got...

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At 4/07/2006 9:22 AM, Blogger Doug-E-Fresh said...

a barbie doll, a can of whipped cream, and astro-turf.
Beat that one, Mike!

At 4/07/2006 9:25 AM, Blogger Mike said...

Big Mo's mom beat that one all to hell (at least for the ladies):

green jello, fruit cocktail, anti-freeze

Can I get a YIKES!!!

At 4/07/2006 9:31 AM, Blogger Doug-E-Fresh said...

monostat 7, vaseline, and a dozen roses. Ouch!

At 4/07/2006 9:36 AM, Blogger Doug-E-Fresh said...

an enema bag, reese's pieces, and a bag of plastic spoons

At 4/07/2006 9:42 AM, Blogger Doug-E-Fresh said...

pepto-bismol, baby wipes, and a 3-pack of men's underwear.

At 4/07/2006 7:30 PM, Anonymous April said...

A video camera , Duct tape, and a huge blue tarp

At 4/07/2006 7:32 PM, Anonymous Freman said...

A bag of flour, womens XXXL underwear, and 32 valium

At 4/07/2006 7:35 PM, Anonymous Freman said...

A TV dinner , a bottle of suave lotion, and a Teen beat magazie

At 4/07/2006 7:39 PM, Anonymous April said...

A black leather belt, a bar stool, and a can of gold spray paint


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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Things that burn my ass #2

Everyone's driving but my own.

George Carlin once asked, "Have you ever noticed that everyone in the world who drives slower than you is an ass and everyone who drives faster than you is a maniac?"

How true can you get? I can expand on it a bit with some of my highway peeves:
Passing lanes:
Why does the average jerk feel the need to use exactly the full amount of the passing lane to get the job done, whether it's a mile long or 400 feet?
Why does the same jerk then slow down to a speed slower than the guy he just passed as soon as the passing lane is over.
Self explanatory. Go the hell around or back the hell off
Turn signals:
Here's an idea; use the damn things
Cell phones:
Pull the hell over before you kill someone. I have bad news. The world doesn't need you all that badly. It'll keep turning if stop your car to engage in whatever idol chit-chat you feel you must.

Ok, done for now.

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At 4/07/2006 9:26 AM, Blogger Doug-E-Fresh said...

I'm with ya on the turn signal thing. It drives me nuts. This morning I gave an obscene gesture to a motorist for not using their turn signal, it turned out to be Rudy Celis! Sorry Rudy, use your signals, bud!

At 4/07/2006 12:49 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Be careful about putting people's names in here without consent...could be dangerous territory.


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Illegal Imigration; The Quiz

As the debate on illegal immigration heats, this Pop Quiz will help measure ones "liberalism quotient"---the opposite of intelligence--- on this vital issue:

1. Illegal immigration is:
( ) Desperately needed by liberals in order to win elections
( ) A misnomer...they are actually undocumented Democrats!
( ) Mexico's chief export
( ) NOT a threat to U.S. homeland security. Why would Mexican peasants destroy the land of free gravy and tacos?

2. Border security should be:
( ) Ignored, because we need cheap lettuce
( ) Ignored, because we need cheap lettuce AND More Democrats
( ) Turned over to Vicente Fox in the name of Diversity and Inclusiveness
( ) Used to keep Republicans out of the U.S.

3. The proposed fence between the U.S. and Mexico is:
( ) A terrific idea, if built by firms owned by women and minorities
( ) Unconstitutional because it discriminates against Mexicans too fat to climb over a fence
( ) "Pork Barrel " in Red States, but economic necessity in blue states

4. The proposed Guest Worker Program:
( ) Is illegal if it prevents Mexicans from collecting welfare and/or food stamps
( ) Will work if the workers are required to join a labor union
( ) Should include free health care, driver's licenses, college degrees, and interest-free mortgages for Mexicans
( ) Sounds like amnesty, but Mexicans here illegally deserve amnesty!

Spanish Vs. English: New Mexican immigrants should:
( ) Be required to continue with Spanish as their only language because DNC has printed 30 million ballots in Spanish for the 2008 election
( ) Be kept English-illiterate to avoid exposure to GOP lies and propaganda
( ) Be taught vital English words and phrases like welfare, food stamps, ACLU, racism, class-action lawsuit, Vote Democrat! and the like, ASAP.

NOTE: In the true spirit of liberalism there are no wrong answers to the above quiz. Please give yourself an A+, pat yourself on the back, and go play a game of soccer (don't keep score though)

Special thanks to Swoose for hitting yet another home run!!!

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Wind and Wire

Wind through wire
a melancholy song
why am I here
I don't belong

A melancholy song
music to my ears
I drift in time
to earlier years

Music to my ears
a song of pain
of innocence lost
of sanity drained

A song of pain
here in the dark
I think of how life
missed the mark

Here in the dark
life's lost it's fire
I listen to the sound
of wind through wire.

Copyright 2006 by Mike Lee

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