The World According to Mike: June 2006

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Things That Burn My Ass Number 5

Parts of stores opening at different times!!!

I went to my "friendly neighborhood Wally-World" this morning with one mission: to make a nice little greeting card for my wife using one of my digital photos. Well, stupid me, I figured since the store was open at 7am and the time was after 8am that it would be all good. Well, imagine my surprise when I found that the photo department wasn't open until 9am. LOVELY! Well, not to let it bother me, I went up the street to Wrong-Aid and couldn't even get them to nail down a time for me. "9 or 9:30," was the reply I got there. TERRIFIC!!! Well, I drove 15 miles into town so I figured I had to do something to justify the gas (currently around $3.50 a gallon here) so I went to Safeway to get some donuts. This went swimmingly as long as you wanted plain glazed, regular chocolate, or plain dry-ass old fashioned! Well, a bouquet of carnations, 2 chocolates and 2 glazed later I returned home!

Off the soapbox. FOR NOW!
The Things That Burn My Ass series...





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